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A Woman of Color is someone with beautiful natural brown skin [naturally tanned/brown skin] - to be more specific, "Black," Mexican, Indian, Afro-Cuban, West Indian, Boricua, you get my point. Donna Di Colore is the new companion for today's woman of color; the Donna Di Colore project will feature any and everything that is beauty & meaningful to today's woman of color. 

Yes, beauty is & and should be reflected in all colors, shapes, quirks, imperfections, amputations, abilities and inabilities. Unfortunately, I live in a world where it seems being fair skinned, slim, and blonde will always be praised. Not only is this clear in the beauty industry [makeup color options], it's even more obvious in the ads and campaigns that many beauty & fashion brands/companies run. I'm not saying the beauty industry hasn't gotten better over the past few years - but, lets just be real, there is still a very long way to go.

In the mean time, allow Donna Di Colore to stimulate your senses with images that reflect the REAL world & diversity; with emphasis on all that is brown in skin tone, from the the deepest hues of ebony to the lightest shades of sand. I hope to spark conversation and stimulate your creative itch.

I hope to bring you images and content reflecting grace, beauty, culture & truth.

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