Embrace perfect Your Features

Your features are everything.

Your features are your own and no one else’s, even identical twins have differentiating features - no matter how subtle. It seems to be we are always searching for what we ‘think’ we should look like. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side; curly wants straight, straight wants curly, slim wants curves, curves want slim, some want to be lighter in skin tone while others would prefer to be more sun kissed. Is this true for all? Absolutely not.

How dare you frown upon what took so long to create? Do you even know the odds of your actual being? You better go google the odds of your daddy's sperm meeting yo’ mama’s egg and get back to me. Now, real talk - your features have literally been perfected by your dope DNA. So what you have a few freckles or birthmarks, a full nose, or thick & kinky hair. Hell, you got big feet? Hooded eyes? So what, embrace that shit - you’re more beautiful when you love yourself fully!

It sucks that so many of us have been trained, maybe even brainwashed into thinking their darker skin was and is not good enough. Why would any sane human that has been kissed by the sun want to bleach their skin or wear makeup that is 4 shades entirely too light? It does not look good. I repeat wearing foundation that is 4 shades lighter than your actual skin looks TERRIBLE & truly AWFUL. Period. End. Of. Subject.

Your hair is your proverbial crown - no matter what your hair type there is a product out there for you. The more you care for your mane the more you will be able to style & appreciate it and if that’s too much trouble, there’s always wigs or a great set of clippers! There are so many perfect ‘imperfections’ being masked in the world - let your guard down, let us fall in love with YOU. People that truly love & accept you will always want nothing more than the real you.

Beauty At Any Age

Beauty truly comes with age and experience - life can either make the most beautiful creatures out of us or the most vile and truly wretched out of us. It’s all up to you and how you’d like your future self to end up. If you’re one of the fortunate ones, you will be blessed with a long life, trials and maybe a few tribulations but in the end you will be better for it and so will the world around you. No one will ever walk in your shoes, it’s all you,

Since it’s just you walking your life’s path, what will you do while on your journey? What routes will you take? Are there any detours? Maybe a few bumps in the road? Who knows? Life is what it is (what you’ve made it), but that doesn’t mean you have to remain stuck in a ditch. That does not define you. We have so much free will it’s nauseating. How will you leave your mark? What have you selflessly done for someone else lately? You have truly earned every minute and second accumulated on this earth (for better or worse) - what have you OR will you continue to do with your time?

Life, yes, is what you make of it - step outside & take a look at what you’ve made of yours. Things don’t have to be perfect, but you should feel the light & damn good about what you have created and what you will continue to create. Here’s to you; mature brown, seasoned sand, everlasting ebony - we are so thankful for you. We appreciate you & we are here for you. Keep the community going.

We have vibrantly youthful living breathing history right in our homes, communities, countries and beyond. Yield & cater to them, because without them yo ass wouldn’t even have the privileges you take for granted and you probably wouldn’t even be here. Period.

See the beauty of the, life lived within one another…

And The Future Goes To…


You are the future, your are strength, you are worthy, and yes you do deserve all abundance.

That shit ain’t coming easy though and you better be willing to work for it. Yes, it’s true what they say - do that shit while you’re young. Whatever it is you want to do to better your life and those around you, do it before the real world and adulting take hold.. For those that are hard headed and walk to to the beat of their own drums; get ready to work your asses of 3x as hard. Your work schedule, kids,finances and so many other factors will come into play once you start to get settled into a life you never imagined (for good or bad).

Your future self is just around the corner and there is going to be a future version of you that looks back and wonders, why? Why didn’t you take that chance? Why didn’t you go to that school? Why didn’t you take that job? Why didn’t you move? Why him? Why her? I think you get the point!

Have faith in yourself and your future - everyday plant a seed in your garden of dreams. Work hard, help where you can and step away when you can’t. Surround yourself with those that are positive for you and get rid of all that isn’t. Ask for help when you need - build a strong community of support, even if that community is just you and your local shop clerk or us, your Donna Di Colore online community.

Unapologetically You - Live Fearless & Without Regret

Hey girl, this is just a reminder to keep shining and being you - continue to live fearlessly and proud. Your crown grows toward the heavens and you skin has been kissed by the sun, you are walking perfection. It’s time for the American “Black” woman to stop the bullshit and get right with self. A lot of brown-skin women have been walking this earth with blinders on, seemingly okay with the narrative we let society create for us. We’ve been conditioned into believing in and creating limited & small worlds for ourselves. Constantly being taught and shown your lack of worth on a regular is beyond mind numbing.

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned for decades to just “take it;” take the bullshit, take the abuse, take the hate, take the glares, take the disrespect, take the beatings, take the kids, take the weight, take the burden, take the fault. Take

Fuck. That. Shit. We’re actually Brilliant. Beautiful. Multi-Toned. Healing. Imitated. Mimicked. Breathtaking. Motherly. Strong. Rich. Savvy. Sporty. Clever. Marvelous. Godly.

Be bold, be you, live fiercely, love true you are unlike any other being on this earth. Don't apologize for being authentically you, own every perfection and own every flaw. Ahead lies a healthier vision of self-worth without fear of the static & noise in your rearview.

Good Reads - Get Lost In A Book

There is nothing like diving into a good book - getting lost in a far away land, an alternate time, or even someone’s true life tale. Reading looks so good on you - an educated, well read woman is the best looking thing on the planet. Find your peace and decompress in a cozy corner at home, your favorite park, even the library; there are so many amazing places to pop a squat and read a juicy tale.

Start a book club - you get to drink wine, catch up with your book worm squad and have meaningful debates and conversations. Besides, when was the last time you had quality human interactions? Exactly, it’s been far too long! There are really no excuses as to why you have yet to pick up a book or e-reader, read before you go to bed, on the bus or train, or even on your lunch break; there is more than enough time in a day to find your you time. Expand your world and your mind one tale at a time, reading is so sexy. Today is the day - pick up that book that’s been collecting dust in the corner and get to reading it.

Sisterly Love - Where MY Girls At?

We humans tend to become content, predictable if you will and we seem to be fine with it. Maybe it has to do with getting older, maybe it has something to do with the 21st century and technology, or maybe it’s just the nature of things; we grow in & out of relationships. We connect less. The more advanced we become the more seemingly withdrawn we are. But what does that have to do with you nurturing the friendships you do have?

Real friendships are free - make good on promises, be there for one another and most importantly make time for one another. And no, you don’t have to spend money in order to have fun. From picnics on the beach, hiking a state trail, heck even window shopping at the mall; a little girl time goes a long way. If you do happen to have a little cash to spend, consider Groupon, road trips or events where costs can be split. Hell host a potluck sleepover you provide the space and some refreshments and have the ladies bring additional beverages and favors. We are all about creating moments that will last a lifetime, a little laughter and bonding goes a long way.

The world we live in is challenging enough - we brown skin ladies need to embrace one another and continue to build on the relationships we have cultivated as well as seek out new acquaintances and potential life long friends. Only we know what it’s like to walk in this beautiful skin of ours - let’s connect and share with one another. We as women need to continue to learn from one another and always band together when in need. We have strength in numbers and we are so much stronger than the rest of the world wants to give us credit for, especially when we are together. Let’s do better and be better to each other - call up your sister, bestie, neighbor, cousin, auntie, mom, granny call your favorite gal up or just make the time.