Sisterly Love - Where MY Girls At?

We humans tend to become content, predictable if you will and we seem to be fine with it. Maybe it has to do with getting older, maybe it has something to do with the 21st century and technology, or maybe it’s just the nature of things; we grow in & out of relationships. We connect less. The more advanced we become the more seemingly withdrawn we are. But what does that have to do with you nurturing the friendships you do have?

Real friendships are free - make good on promises, be there for one another and most importantly make time for one another. And no, you don’t have to spend money in order to have fun. From picnics on the beach, hiking a state trail, heck even window shopping at the mall; a little girl time goes a long way. If you do happen to have a little cash to spend, consider Groupon, road trips or events where costs can be split. Hell host a potluck sleepover you provide the space and some refreshments and have the ladies bring additional beverages and favors. We are all about creating moments that will last a lifetime, a little laughter and bonding goes a long way.

The world we live in is challenging enough - we brown skin ladies need to embrace one another and continue to build on the relationships we have cultivated as well as seek out new acquaintances and potential life long friends. Only we know what it’s like to walk in this beautiful skin of ours - let’s connect and share with one another. We as women need to continue to learn from one another and always band together when in need. We have strength in numbers and we are so much stronger than the rest of the world wants to give us credit for, especially when we are together. Let’s do better and be better to each other - call up your sister, bestie, neighbor, cousin, auntie, mom, granny call your favorite gal up or just make the time.

Me Time - You Time - Find Time

Take a bite out of life and give yourself a much needed break!! Feeling burnt out? Kids driving you mad? Work stressing you out?


GOOD!! - Glad to know we aren’t the only ones trying to figure out this wild thing called life. When was the last time you actually relaxed - like truly spoiled yourself? Read a book? Ventured out on a solo trip? Visited your favorite spot? If you can’t recall Doesn’t matter, this is the biggest-little seed you needed planted in your ‘garden of self’ - You are more valuable than you know. Take a leap into self awareness. There is nothing like growing and bettering self. How else do you expect to keep continuing to be great? You do a huge disservice to world by not being better to yourself. When YOU are happy and at peace with self [or learning to be] it spreads to all parts of your life. You will shed the dead weight and continue to water the buds of love with your peace within self. All because you make a little time for self [reflection].

Being a woman of color comes with enough weight, for some; be it from our own people or the rest of the waking world. This is the part we don’t share or show. We move with pure strength, grit, knowledge and the knowing that we have to be the village. What does that mean? It means we take care of everyone else and forget about self. We tend to let others take and drain our honey-milk. That golden essence. We say no more to that.

Going forward you will no longer be drained. You will find the time for you. Weekly, daily, hourly - just make the time for yourself. Close that door for an hour or two & get lost in a book. Go for a drive. Finish that project n the attic. Ask a friend or family member to watch the kids (or give them money to see a movie for a few couple of hours). Take a bite out of YOUR life. Grab a bite to eat SOLO. See what I did there? - Always find time for the fun!

Build that SHE-SHED, just because it’s a desk, a vision board and a curtain on a tension rod does not make it any less your ME space.


A Whole New Comfort Zone

Just get out there and do something fun and new. I sense a theme with these posts! The hope for this post is to ignite a flame of curiosity & a hunger to get up off of the couch and go outside and have some fun.

Maybe you don't have to take a ride on a camel's back; maybe it's a picnic in the park, a stroll on the beach with your dog, hell even camping out in the backyard with the kids counts - the point is save your money, plan and make the best of your time.

It's time to get excited and live just a little bit more - time to break those ignorant stereotypes. There is a new adventure just waiting around the corner for you.