Drunk Elephant - A Trio Obsession


Cost: $$ - $$$

Pros: Clean Beauty at Sephora - free of a ton of harmful ingredients. Great if you have a few bucks to spend on fantastic skincare products. Lala Retro cream is infused with ceramides that help to protect your skin from environmental stress. B-Hydra Serum is helps to improve the look of skin’s texture & tone. Virgin Marula Oil is a awesome antioxidant and protects the skin from free radical caused my environmental pollution. Be sure to consult your dermatologist if you have any questions regarding your skin’s needs.

Cons: Not for every budget - other than that, this is a go to trio for the folks at the PBB Labs. You will either love it or hate it.

PBB Results: Happy supple skin - looks healthy and seems truly brighter & definitely more hydrated.

Tip: Use all three together at the same time often for ridiculously fabu results, be sure to use at night after washing the day off your face.

Where to find: Drunk Elephant | Sephora

Dead Sea Mineral Mask - Studio 35 Beauty


Cost: $

Pros: Easy to use, budget friendly and it's got multiple applications.

Cons: This particular mask is not sold online (found this one at our local Walgreens).

PBB Results: This is a great mask, definitely leaves the skin soft and a bit more radiant. Just apply a thin layer, wait 15-20 minutes and rinse clean. The Dead Sea mask is great for all shades and is a great introduction to masking.  

Tip: One pack can be used for a couple of applications (place package in Ziploc and refrigerate after each use).

Where to find: Studio 35 Beauty Mask - Usually buy 2 get 1 free OR 3 for $4!!